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City: Winnipeg
Province: MB
Postal Code: R3Y 0J6
Phone: 204-292-3192

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    Do Not Hire this Company!

    By: HSender on 21 April 2017

    They painted my business last summer. It was a total nightmare. They punctured floors, walls, blamed everyone else but themselves for the destruction their crew caused. They didn't properly cover my shower stalls and caused damage to the tiles. They came in to clean it - but to this day there is still paint from them in my showers from a poor clean job. I didn't want to pay them until I gave everything a good look over. (which is my right as a consumer) The moment 'they thought' they were done, I was getting harassed for money...I even had one of the head guys approach me outside of my studio when I was at Home Depot. I was in a conversation with another individual and he came up, interrupted the conversation and asked 'where's my money?' This was literally two days after they as issued me final invoice so being confrontational like that was really rude and uncalled for. Its now been 8 months and every day I'm seeing more and more flaws in their paint job. Areas that were missed completely. Areas they didn't sand in between coats. Do yourself a HUGE favour - there are tons of companies out there in Winnipeg - DON"T PICK THIS ONE. You'll be so sorry! I know I am!

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