The Drywall Guy

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Street: 17 First St. West, Lowe Farm, MB
City: Winnipeg
Province: MB
Postal Code: R0G 1E0
Phone: 204 340-3501

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    Amazingly quick yet neat work

    By: dwal on 11 January 2017

    A few months ago we had a basement that needed finishing. Well, we wanted it done now! We called a local company, and were told it would be a couple of months before they could get to it, they did come to give us an estimate though. I went online and found the Drywall Guys, saw it was also a local company, called and he came over to give us an estimate within the week, it was a few hundred dollars less than the other company, plus he could start in 2 weeks. He was done within 3 weeks. And his work was beautiful. Right before Christmas we had a small nook that needed to be done, I ran into him in town and asked if he would be able to do it. This was 1 month before Christmas, plus he had a big apartment complex he was working on. He came over within 2 weeks to look at it, the next week it was done. Very beautifully I might add.

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5 Amazingly quick yet neat work dwal
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